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Medical Kitting

Medical Kits

With the help of DNA and genetic testing, Strategic Lab Partners offers custom medical kits for medical professionals and consumer. Everyone wants to know the answers to their medical questions, and sometimes the internet can scare patients into unnecessary testing or labs that lead to serious costs. We have the ability to answer specific questions and solve individual problems with custom medical kits, designed and developed to fit your needs.

Medical Kits Prep

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Safety of the patient is a top priority for Strategic Lab Partners. SLP will provide custom medical kits to provide medical professionals with the ability to give their patients the answers they need promptly and with complete trust and privacy in their results. Our strategically-developed custom medical kits are designed with the patient in mind, as we prepare them for medical professionals to distribute. You will feel safe and secure with your personal information and DNA being collected by a kit by Strategic Lab Partners.

Your medical kit should only solve one issue. When you begin to try to use one medical kit to find a group of answers, you may find your results to be inaccurate or not paint a clear picture for the patient or the doctor. By narrowing down your results, you can find answers to dietary restrictions, weight loss barriers and more.

Customization of your Medical Kit

Don’t let your kit get into the hands of another company. By customizing your kit, you are limiting the risk of your company losing grip of your medical kit’s results. You will love the attention to detail SLP puts into each and every medical kit prepared by the company!

Get the answers you need with a custom medical kit. Medical kitting allows you to get the right kit for your patients right away. With the expertise of Strategic Lab Partners, patients will feel confident in the kits they are using.